Healing Waters


Healing Waters by Mark Anthony Jacobson - his Native Name: Pey-sim-away-apey-binasi translates to Rainbow Thunderbird. Hailing from the Anishinaabe community, Mark Anthony Jacobson is an Ojibwe artist born in Sioux Lookout Ontario, Canada. Inspired by his Ojibwe heritage and the relationships between animals, humanity and spirtuality, his artistic journey bbegan at the age of 13. 

His work reflects the Ojibway cultural belief in the interconnected world of beings, the transformative nature of reality and the Spirit inherent in that connectivity. It also mirrors a belief in the creator and the heaoing power of color and beauty. 

Healing Waters, is an amalgamation of his works that embrace the profound beauty of Ojibway culture through the originality and mastery of his work. 

Northcott Fabrics is donating a portion of the procceds from this collection to charities that supports First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities.

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Please note as a Canadian company we sell in metric measurements. 
This fabric retails for $18.95 per metre which equals $17.05 per yard 

Orders are priced/sold per half metre. 50 cm (20") = $9.50
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