Morris Meadow


Moda "Morris Meadow by Barbara Brackman" Reproduction fabric designed by William Morris for Moda Fabric. Inspired by the nature surrounding the homestead of William Morris, Morris Meadow celebrates the changing season in a rich tapestry of colours such as Kelmscott Blue, Aquamarine, Damask Black, Fennel Green and Porcelain. Classic patterns feature wild flowers and foliages.

100% Cotton

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Please note as a Canadian company we sell in metric measurements. 
This fabric retails for $22.95 per metre which equals $20.65per yard

Orders are priced/sold per half metre. 50 cm (20") = $11.50
To order 1m (40") enter quantity of 2.
1 1/2m  (60") enter quantity of 3.
2m (80") enter quantity of 4.  etc. etc.